Investing Strategies

Should I Focus on One or Multiple Real Estate Investing Strategies
Phill Grove reviews the different strategies he uses to profit on a deal, and why the current economy and market will dictate which strategy to use. Phill’s rule: Always be flexible, Adjust to the times.

Top Fix and Flip Mistakes to Avoid

Phill explains how shows like “Flip That House” made it appear easy to make money flipping houses. However, flipping/rehabbing is a high-risk strategy and investors should be informed, educated, and have a strong team in place to help them navigate through the deal.

The Top 2 Skills of a Real Estate Investor: Marketing and Strategy

Phill discusses how new real estate investors need to focus on solving problems. Big problems = Big money. He also discusses the need to avoid retail properties in the MLS, where it is rare to find a good deal. Where no one else wants it…where there are problems…that is where the opportunity is.

How to Buy Bank Owned Real Estate

Phill discusses step by step how to submit an offer to a bank for an REO deal (real estate owned), contingency periods, inspections, and ways to maximize the profits on the transaction.

Where To Buy Rental Properties

Phill explains the fundamentals when it comes to deciding on when and when not to invest in rental properties.